Recognizing the need for a centralized source of information for other creatives in the Roanoke area, we decided to create an arts publication where artists could share their work and speak for themselves. We launched our design business, Desired Hype Design LLC, in February 2012. The first issue of VIA Noke Magazine was published at the end of May 2012 and was released over Memorial Day Weekend at Festival in the Park in Downtown Roanoke. Over 10,000 copies of the magazine have been distributed since we began publishing.


The Name VIA is an acronym for "Visually Inspired Art" and also refers to how we want to be a source of information and communication between members of the creative community and those who are searching for avenues in which to become more involved. "Noke" is a slang nickname for our beloved city and is commonly used among the millennial generation throughout the region.


Each issue includes in-depth interviews with artists, high quality images of artists' work, a monthly review column, student spotlights, an event calendar, and more. Our featured artist articles offer a unique platform for the voice of artists in our region and are written in a way that allows the reader to hear things directly from the artist. Our student spotlights recognize the talents of high school and college students living within our region and bring attention to these creative young people.


We hope the introduction of this new website, blog, and digital access to our past and future issues will help us further our goal of sharing the many talents of Roanoke artists with the rest of our community. The arts should be available to everyone; by bringing VIA Noke online we are putting the arts directly into peoples' homes and giving them a new opportunity to connect with the creative community.

Thank you to our sponsors and community partners: