Dear VIA Noke readers,

We're so excited to offer our readers this special edition of VIA Noke, created in partnership with the Marginal Arts Festival. This issue is dedicated to everything Marginal Arts and will serve as the festival's program and guide.

Marginal is defined as something that is "relegated to the fringes, out of the mainstream; made to seem unimportant." Marginal Arts Festival does not seek to define the term "Marginal" but rather aspires to provide a space in the margins - between institutions - for artists who would prefer to build a community through their art than restrict their creativity merely to find acceptance in the local art mainstream. Each year, since its inception in 2008, the avant-garde community, performance artists, and artists of all sorts embrace the "free space" between defined art forms and proudly (and literally) parade their marginality as undefined, critically engaging, often absurd, unrestricted fun.

Everyone should be very proud to live in a city that encourages these grassroots movements and happenings, which make so many different forms of creativity available to everyone here. Even better, all of the MAF's educational workshops, lectures, performances, and other activities are available to everyone, and with the exception of a couple, completely free of charge. Do not miss out on the opportunity to partake and participate.

We are very excited to share the spirit of this festival with our readers and encourage you to join us in celebrating the marginalized arts with us this month and always.

Until next time,

Thank you to our sponsors and community partners: